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We are looking for a student intern!

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Studio SYN are looking for a student intern for their London office during July and August 2019.

The applicant should be a recent graduate from a school of architecture, design, art or urban planning and with no immediate university commitments. They should be proficient in AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, Sketchup, Rhino, have excellent visualisation skills and a decent understanding of construction processes, a.k.a. how things stay together.

They should also be able to independently take decisions when working, assess the implications of their decisions and able to assess consequences. a.k.a. to maturely take ownership of the design projects they will work on.

The placement responsibilities would include producing visuals, model-making, doing design-related research and preparing presentations for a number of architecture and art projects in London and abroad. The intern would be involved in the creative, experimental and presentation stages of the process.

The intern will need to be able to work on their own computer, at different locations and be able to commit a number of days a week to this placement.

If interested send us your CV/worksamples/contact at