Performance Architecture, Online Summer School 2020

Studio SYN, in association with VIPA and RIPS, has organized a PERFORMANCE ARCHITECTURE Online Summer School, from 20 June  to 11 July 2020. The school ran 3-hour classes every Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00 (BST) over 4 weekends. Check out our website for the next online course on Performance Architecture in late January and early February 2021!

The course themes were:

*Discover the interconnections of architecture
Performance Architecture Online Summer School is an exciting learning journey designed to inspire, broaden and challenge the possibilities of spatial representation and design. Architecture is combined with other disciplines including art, cinematography and performance.

*Architecture is a dynamic discipline
The course is applying the toolbox of performance in architectural thinking, towards the production of spatial actions and bodily geometries in space. It is taught by a team of London-based interdisciplinary and international architects and artists including Ursula Dimitriou (StudioSyn), Aliki Kylika (VIPA) and Eliza Soroga (RIPS).

*Play with the city; be curious, be caring, be resourceful
This is an incredible opportunity for students / professionals who want to learn new skills, extend their thinking, emerge to an urban cultural landscape, be part of an interdisciplinary and international team, and diversify their project portfolios.

More about the summer school and info on how to apply can be found on the website

Images below are participants’ works:

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