Pluto Pantokrator

Pluto Pantokrator is an immersive installation re-purposing elements of works produced in between 2015 and 2017 at Central Saint Martins over the course of the MA Fine Arts. The installation attempts to seek out and distil core thoughts on human condition and nihilism shared by the works comprising the installation. It also marks the end of the period of two years of intense art production in CSM’s Archway studios.

However, the installation is primarily a tribute to a sibling who passed away 30 years ago, in his early youth. A video, integral to the installation, shows a 3d scan of the child’s marble bust placed in the centre of the rotating image. The trajectory of the camera around the bust matches the trajectory of the planet Pluto around the Sun. Never-ending rotation of the camera around the bust, locks the bust and the viewer in a limbo. The lit up central altar-like area is juxtaposed with the cross-like screen on which the looping video is being projected. Concealed speakers infuse the air in the room in long, repetitive, undulating sounds.

The title of the work points at Pluto, the ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology and assigns the title Pantokrator to the deity, which is commonly used for Christ with the meaning ‘Almighty’. Here, the title Pantokrator, passed on to Pluto, suggests a different outlook at our human options. Black banners on either side of the installation further evoke Pluto with its four moons.

The installation has been documented in the format of video and photos shown below.


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