Urbs Redux

Charcoal drawing but not on paper – in Urbs Redux, I break away from paper to take the drawing to the walls and ceiling of the 7th floor stairwell in an apartment building in East London. This late night drawing offered a challenge of drawing on inverted horizontal surfaces, sloping surfaces and in corners. There was no limit to the drawing in terms of the drawing surface, it could continue seven floor down. It revisits the marks I used on previous drawings, this time to offer an abstracted view of the city which would have been seen through the boarded-up window. The drawing was removed after only four days by the maintenance team. Teenagers that used to gather in the stairwell, smoke weed on the landing and sign their initials on the ceiling with their lighters never visited again. Drawing Urbs Redux involved waiting for the right window of opportunity and avoiding accidental audience. Repetitiveness of the drawing movement is still in development here when compared to later works , in which it becomes an intentional and distinct part of the working methodology.



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