Tools for New Ways of Being, Central Saint Martins


This work addressed the interest topics of mark-making, event, body limits and reduction of commodifiable artwork.

A large cross-like timber frame with a plywood board in the middle1.2m by 1.2m in size, was prepared by being previously coated with four or so thick layers of white paint. The frame was placed leaning against the wall. I scratched marks in the surface of the board using shiv-like tools I made myself, in a rhythmical pattern in front of the group of spectators. There were four distinct marks with resulting four distinct rhythmical patterns. Before moving from one to the next, I would turn the entire frame by 90 degrees clockwise testing the reach of my arms and my balance while wielding the heavy frame. The entire project was recorded by three video cameras and two sounds recorders. One sound recorder and one camera were taped on my arm and chest. Another camera was live-streaming the event online. The event, which could have an undefined duration, ended after the eight-minute long demonstration.

photomergedsc06939 dsc06935 dsc06936

Photos by Ben Lansky

Live-streaming link:

Live-streaming by Eriko Kawai


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