Self-Portrait with Pluto, in CSM Art Auction

Dejan’s drawing ‘Self-Portrait with Pluto’ is on auction at CSM Art Auction from 10th to 17th of November at Lethaby Gallery. Come bid for this and other exciting pieces!

More info here –

Drawing rationale for the press release:

“We live in the times of revelation. It becomes glaringly obvious that every life choice we make is based on consumption, exploitation and eventually eradication of natural habitats, species and human communities. The oil we drill for, who we vote in, populations we subdue, meat we eat, oceans we empty, forests we clear all have a high death tag. Automatized and systemised death across all species has become a core ingredient of our everyday lives. Authors Donna Haraway and Ray Brassier talk about the ‘time of extinction’ we are now witnessing as a result of irreversible human activities on the planet. This is the time of incessant exodus of life from the planet.

The drawing is an address of this political and existential issue. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld in classical mythology is also the 9th planet of the Solar system. With Pluto looking back at us from our reflection in any mirror the ‘Self-portrait with Pluto’ is what I feel the most accurate self-portrait one can make in this historic moment.”



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