Making Week at Central Saint Martins 2016

In February 2016 Studio Syn’s Ursula and Dejan worked together with a team of Central Saint Martins BA Architecture students to design a pavilion structure to showcase their works at the End of the Year show. The show is actually taking place next week, 21-24 June 2016!

Here’s the link to the show:



Over a course of an intensive week of designing, model-making and prototype building, the third year students of studio 4 run by Ursula Dimitriou, a tutor at CSM, were joined by a number of second year students.


On the first day, the workshop started with a brainstorming session that involved the entire 18-strong group, then moved on to individual library-based research after which the emerging ideas were discussed. The ideas tackled the manufacturing process (CNC and laser cutting), the selected materials (plywood sheets), ways of exhibiting work, visitor circulation and the overall appearance.


DSC_3441 DSC_3475

By day three around five completely different ideas came forth as equally developed.

DSC_3587_MG_9948 _MG_9915 _MG_9964

In an informal but intense 3-hour long session, the students together with Ursula and Dejan interrogated all the proposals, discussed their pros and cons and developed a solution that brought the best ideas together in a single project.

_MG_0025  DSC_3591

For the remaining two days of the making week, the group split into smaller teams to manufacture a scale model and a 1:1 segment of the entire pavilion,  a house frame-like structure based on the living hinge design solution.

_MG_0057a  Making_week_day_5-003a


On the fifth day, all the process models and the models of the final proposal were put on display in The Street in the CSM main building at Granary Square alongside the proposals of other studios.


Come and see the completed pavilion showcasing all the Studio 4 student works at the End of the Year Show at Central Saint Martins next week! 21-24 June 2016!




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