Drawing SWANS exhibited at Big Space V, Central Saint Martins

The work SWANS is building on Dejan’s previous exploration of the notions of oppression, power abuse, trauma, displacement, transience, journey maps and more recent interests in behavioural patterns, reoccurring and cyclical events encountered in both nature and society.

In this piece exhibited at Big Space V, at Central Saint Martins, in November 2015, Dejan’s aim was to bring together two concurrent events that took place in the autumn of 2015: the human migration from war-affected areas from East to West, flowing through soft border spots is offset by the seasonal airborne journey of migratory birds (here namely swans) arriving to Britain from the Arctic shores of Europe and Asia.

The two migrations were in conjunction in the UK in autumn and the work brought the lyrical to the tragical setting both against a background based on migration path maps.

The work is composed of 24 A1’s (6 A1’s wide and 4 A1’s high) that were laid out as tiles to create the overall image (approx. dimensions 5m wide by 2.3m high)

Individual A1’s show fragments of the big picture, having an abstract quality to them while, through the process of making, reflected on the fragmented nature of migrations.




1 Comment

  1. Such a powerful artwork. Immense immense power in one piece. SWANS should surely get more attention worldwide. The world should know, they`re so far from truth in their entire existence. It is sad.

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