SYN among the finalists for Urban Realities/Blind Date in Ljubljana

“Urban Realities”is a workshop and exhibition where the three selected finalists teams will present their ideas and collaborate  on the reanimation of abandoned construction pits in Ljubljana. The event is part of an interactive Blind Date of European architects, planners and experts in urban development, where these meet for the first time and try to find answers to the pressing issues of the city.

Urban Realities/Blind Date will focus on the problem of abandoned construction pits in Ljubljana. A proposal of future uses of these sites will be developed through a discussion of the international teams and local experts. The visions for new urban realities will be shared in a public event on 23.09.15 in Museum of Architecture and Design (Ljubljana).

Blind date is a cooperation of platform of European architecture Wonderland – Vienna (AT), MAO  Museum of Architecture and Design– Ljubljana (SI), KUD C3 – Ljubljana (SI)

The selected groups to be taken part in Blind date Ljubljana on the topic of Urban Realities are:

Giulia Carabelli and Ursula Dimitriou, SYN (London, United Kingdom)

Tomaz Pipan and Georg Hubmann, Urban as I (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Jason Hildefort, Land & Civilization Compositions (Rotterdam, The Nederlands)


See here our video proposal  “No Vaccuum= No Plenum ”

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