This workshop, open to all CSM students, seek to investigate the role of designers in imagining the commons, setting common goals, resource sharing and participatory design. P1100446 P1100450 P1100416 P1100418 P1100427P1100423 P1100472 P1100478 P1100468 P1100436 P1100085 P1100086 P1100063 P1100068P1100053 Space The project will take place at THE FIELD in New Cross  – “an experiment in creating a new kind of local institution that utilizes arts and education tools and practices to create a hub for, and to be a catalyst of meetings, conversations, debate, ideas, learning and self-organised action for our area.”  The space of THE FIELD, in operation since February 2014, has secured a 5 year rent-free lease and it is run by an organising committee of local residents. All core decisions are taken during assemblies with open participation in a horizontal basis. Project goal and outcome The participants would design and build a set of collaborative and communicative devices (furniture, cart, stall, objects, etc).The brief, design processes, methods and materials will be negotiated between the participants and the open community of THE FIELD.  Time  The workshop will take place once a week during four weeks. The participants should commit in attending at least three out of four workshops. The proposing starting date is the Saturday 25th of April. 25 April-a talk on the idea of the commons, a presentation from the participants of THE FIELD about the space, the first part of organizing and negotiating the design outcome between fielders, community and participants and a welcoming food party.  2 May –design 15-16 May  materials, construction methods and making Participation is free The project is funded by Restless Futures 

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