Common grounds, common practices // @ Architectural Association


31 January 2014 – HCT Debates / Architecture Politics: Orsalia Dimitriou

MA History and Critical Thinking Debates / Architecture Politics
Term 2: Friday 1:00 / 36 Bedford Square, New Soft Room

Orsalia Dimitriou: Common grounds, common practices
Friday 31 January

Read the summary of Orsalia’s talk here

More about the HCT Debates: Architecture Politics

“To enable students to pursue questions and problems in public, yet small-scale sessions, the HCT programme holds a debate series with guest designers, writers, artists, scholars and critics.
The theme of the discussions this year is architecture politics. Every time brings specific conditions to the manner in which the claims on architecture are made. New technologies and modes of design and production have prompted elaborate arguments on economic policies, new organisational models, environmental strategies and sustainable development patterns. There seems to be, however, a lack of reflection on the fundamental question of architecture as a composite form of knowledge, yet with specific traits, and as a distinct set of practices, yet in difficult connections with cultural territories and material configurations. ” ( HCT Debates description from the AA site)

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