This is a work inspired by the method of ‘the reading machine that is actually a writing machine’. The original text is a statement of Michael Schwab printed on a wall poster. The original statement was offering an interesting an innovative definition of aesthetic research but on the other hand it contained a strong and unnecessary attach of art*

The typical way to present ones antithesis to the statement would be to write a new text, and either reference half of Schwab’s statement (the sentences that you agree with) and ignore the rest, or reference the whole and then reference another author in order to state/prove the reasons that you agree or disagree . This poster is a way to present both the statement and the antithesis without writing a new text. In other words this is a graphic alternative to writing a text.

*it is great to differentiate aesthetic research from art by accentuating the unique characteristics of aesthetic research but not by relegating art, this attack simply is beyond the point.

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