MAKING DO // Dialogues From Out of This World

Making Do is a collective of artists and designers and an independent publication, based in London. The projects developed by Making Do are informed by a culture of open source editorial tools and cross disciplinary collaborations. Through  the new issue,  Making Do proposes a dialogue between children, artists and designers as a methodology for creative production. The Making Do editors invited twelve artists and designers to work in partnership with Manorfield Primary School in London investigating what are the parameters of this dialogue and how can the boundaries within education shift through collective processes and shared authorship?

Workshops:  Anette Bjelland, Orsalia Dimitriou, Pippa Gatty, Annie Pender, Jarrod Sanderson, Carla Wright, Ania Bas, Sophie Beard , Christina Christoforou,  Andrea Francke , Tanya Kaprielian, Tracey Waller and the year 5 students of Manorfield Primary School  

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