*Your project does not really makes any sense but still you want to publish it/present it/build it? Afraid that it won’t be considerate socially and ethical responsible? Lucking the proper academic jargon?

Do not despair! Here is a list of catchy phrases that can justify the unjustifiable for you and make your project look smart, futuristic and principled! 

Explore the subject outside the problem-solving straitjacket,

The project absorbs the factual and mixes it with mythical native tales.

The project rearticulates

The sinuous curves

The building envelope reference local anthropomorphic tribal masks interaction

Endorsing a return to a romanticized tribal past

The project merges existing ingredients within spatial narrative

Multidimensional experiment depicting cultural and social ambiguities within the context of native communities.

Architectonic allegory

Ambiguous space that discloses the fragility of human habitat and individual choice.

Internationalization but also homogenization of this society’s cultural values and social patterns.

The project utilizes the myth

Architectural representation on the theme of atomic proliferation.

Using narrative techniques, invented landscape


Hectic society

Sensibility and fragility

Reflections and refractions

A speculative project

Sketchy inception

Extreme cultural scenarios

A script that it inserts into the city.

Ambiguities producers of space

Global spectators.

Fictional in the attention

Immediate physical reality.

Structural uncertainty.

Ectoplasmatic affiliations

Urbanity of me

A place that erupts

Incandescent bio-organisms


The space pulsates and surveys

Complexity of us

Neo-nature of electronics. Creatures transiting

(all terms are taken from REAL architectural sites!)

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