Henry went to sleep feeling tired and preoccupied. The last week in the office was exhausting. He had shown over 100 different properties all around London to all sorts of clients. Yet he managed to sell none. Clients always wanted something different from what they had been shown, sometimes even demanding the impossible: “We can only afford a flat but we would rather a Tudor style council house,” “We do like this Victorian house but we would prefer if it was attached to a faux chateau,” “I’m in love with the City’s skyscrapers but I can’t stand being downtown,” “My wife had in mind a terraced oast house.”

Dear God, thought Henry, I only wish there was a property that would satisfy all these demanding crowds. Perhaps a magnificent tower that would contain every possible style and type in a single spot: apartment buildings, condominiums, rowhouses, duplexes, chalet bungalows, I-houses, mews, vernacular houses, snout houses, villas, Victorian houses, Tudor houses, bedsits, maisonettes, granny flats, Q-type townhouses, studio flats…

A property where the customer could find her semi-detached or terraced house, his ideal flat, accommodate a whole family, friends and relatives or even buy the whole property and use it as a lovely detached house. And all this would be surrounded by amble green foliage and undisturbed views… Clients would be instantly satisfied and he would not have to travel around London.

Henry sighed, I wish, I only wish…

Exhausted as he was, instantly he fell asleep. And while dreaming a wide smile of satisfaction formed upon his lips.

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