WHITE HOUSE REDUX // A Reminder for the Elected and the Unelected

The White House is a universally recognised symbol of political authority and a proven – and successful – architectural embodiment of power. We would like to keep it as it is, in the position that it is and in the city that it is in. With one additional. The Other House.

The White House bears the trace of every individual who has been given the right to reside in it, those who have won the majority of votes in each of the 56 presidental elections in America. What there is no trace of, however, no reference to, nor symbol of, are 56 and more of those who tried and failed to gain this office. Without these, the Unelected, there would be no Elected.

The Other House is a spatial representation of the Unelected. It is a mirror of the White House. But stripped of its functions. It serves not as a memorial but as a reminder.

The Other House does not undermine the White House nor acts in opposition to it, but works with it. It is a counterweight. It becomes apparent only when one starts to enquire about it and goes beyond the surface.

Names of the Unelected are cast on the base of the Other House. The names are not arranged chronologically but randomly. After all, what is important is not so much each individual but the body of efforts, aspirations, hopes and desires that have fed into and built up the American electoral system.


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